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Body Labs: Lessons for a Modern Practice

Developed with the inquisitive student and emerging teacher in mind, this workshop series will delve deep into the anatomy of the human form and its many variations. Breaking down the human body as it pertains to a movement practice and allowing exploration of your own personal alignment from the inside out, this series will provide you with tools to teach or practice with more confidence and clarity.

Each workshop is 4 hours in length.

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12 Hours Instruction

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Limbs Lab

In this lab we will look heavily upon the skeletal variations within the human body and their implications within a movement practice. This lab is a must for all maturing students and teachers.

September 21


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Core Lab

How does the diaphragm affect the pelvic floor? How does the pelvic floor affect the spine? And what about the infamous Psoas muscle? With so much material to cover, this lab will provide you with plenty of information to use on your mat or within your classes.

October 19


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Fascia  Lab

What exactly is fascia? And why does it matter? Understanding the science behind fascia and applying it to an experiential practice this workshop will leave you with a broader understanding of the human body as a complete and whole entity.

November 2


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